Solitary And How To Work From Home

Working from home can be a privilege when you know how to work from home but things can get out of hand and you could waste all the time you had which suppose to be at work to something call instant gratification that sucks up your time in a small scale that combine become the whole day.

I have been working from home for the past 1 month but i can tell you that it needs total commitment and discipline to achieve maximum output and be productive each day in and out. But how to work from home when you have absolute time freedom and no supervision as you may have had once when you were working in an office environment and the supervisors are looking behind your back all the time ?

This is how i work from home and keep my time and activity strictly guarded, guided and hours productively spent.

Plan the day out by hours, every hours.

I still wake up at 6 a.m., get ready by 7 and straight start out the work by 7.05. The first thing that would come to my mind is listing all the priorities list that needs to be done. I divide my early mornings into detail planing in writings, this can be from;

  • to call someone
  • update an appointment for the day
  • email somebody
  • follow up on an important proposal
  • listing a new product or item on the Internet
  • post an article to my blogs

This may sound trivial and tiny little matter, but it does matter when you work from home. Many would say that little tiny things like this can be managed and arrange by the PA (Personal Assistant) or the secretary, but this does not work for you when you are working from home. When you work from home, you are your boss, your own manager and captain of the ship. If you have the resources to hire someone to do this work for you, cases would be different.

Set a definite time to carry out each task and stick to it. 

We all have 24 hours in a day, so has all the other successful people who even started with nothing . They too have the same time with you. When you have all the tasks and activities around the day, it must come with a specific time line to get it done. You can’t be spending an hour to take that phone and call somebody, can you ? It only needs a couple of minutes to call unless the conversation takes a while and it goes beyond that one hour (chatting over to build relationship or an clarification that needs to be done over the phone), cases can be vary.  Setting a definite time for a task completion can be challenging yet rewarding (in terms of saving time and meeting any deadlines). For example, i set off my day at 7.05 a.m. I must plan each day before 7.45 a.m and start the first task by then. Of course i will not list calling someone at that time to be my first task, it can be writing an article for an hour. Sometimes the article cannot be finished, so what i do is save in a related document and list down the ideas that comes at the time and move on to the next task right away.

Close all the social media tabs or sites that you read for entertainment and stick hard to it. 

how to work from home by closing all the sites tabs

Opening so many website tabs with different topic interests can suck up hugely of your time without you knowing it. Spending as little as 3 – 5 minutes on every site of your interest topic if sum it up of 5 sites for instance is about 15 – 20 minutes. The temptation can be so high when you tell yourself that you only want to check the latest news feed or who has commented on the posting you this morning or yesterday. Facebook is the number 1 time killer of all the sites. It can be so addictive that it keeps you there even longer than your desired minimum of 5 minutes of ‘just checking’ out. Stop wasting time on this. Close all tabs that is not relevant to your work. Focus is the keyword. It is not easy but it is do-able.

Do not do any regular house work when you have serious business work to do.

how to work from home rule number 3

Many who work from home tend to plan out some time or hours to do their regular house work. Don’t fall into this trap. Your regular house work must always scheduled on the weekends or even best still outsourced to the house cleaners with a minimum fixed hourly wages. Your time during the standard working hours must be filled with serious money making activities. Remember, an hour gone is an hour gone, working from home has both it’s benefit and also it can lead you to total loss of hours if taken for too much pleasure out of it.

Evaluate your weekly if not daily input and output through measurement how productive-progressive you are.

If you are not making progress even one step at a time, then you need to look back your daily activities. You everyday input must bring improvement towards your main goal. Daily improvement can be even a small steps taken towards your goal. For example let’s say you need some serious prospects to buy your products, then what are you doing in order to gather the list that prospects. Sometimes you may not have the right product when the prospect calls you. But the point is you have a serious prospect who is looking for something that you can find or work out for him or her. You must record and document and pay para – focus to work this out for that prospect until the required object is delivered and case closed. Documenting and recording is important because we tend to forget the caller and miss the opportunity.

Divide your time to spend out your home office at least once a week somewhere else. 

Working alone from home can be  bored at times, when it is all operated you alone. We don’t need to suffer the solitary all by yourself. Schedule at least one day to work from a nearby cafe, mall or any place that is deem  suitable to do your work. It can be mid of the week or end of the week. This will give you a fresh outlook on doing your work itself because having people around although they are not your colleagues or even your friends will keep you stay motivated or even inspired.

Find inspiration to fuel your motivation to keep going when the going gets tough.

No body needs to suffer while work from home. Inspiration can be find anywhere around you. Reading motivational materials or listening to your favorite musics in between the hours of your work from home period can be a booster to your spirit to keep going when the going gets tough. The going will get tough somehow at one point of your journey, you need all the motivation to keep going when no one is there maybe to give you the moral support you need. Working from home can be lonely and haunting but when you have all the ingredients to sustain even the worst weather – you will master the art of working not only from home but anywhere you wish and want. 


I Admire Hardworking, Dedication And Competence

hardworking and dedication

21st March was Ayrton Senna’s 54th Birthday if he would have been alive to celebrate it. But he lives among the champions and those who believes in hardworking and being competence.  

So what hardwork really means ? When you work harder than your friends, your competitor, your neighbours or even your colleagues, that is when the magic starts to take place in your surroundings.

Let me start from the beginning,  i started my working journey in 2003 two days right after my final semester examination in university. While many of my batch-mates wanted to take a break for a couple of months or so before starting their career journey, i went straight to work without wasting any time. I still remember 10 years back the day i came to KL for an interview. I was told to wait for the person in charge to come. So i waited for almost an hour before she came and finally interviewed me for a credit card sales person position. But before i was hired, i was asked to attend another interview that is scheduled about a week ahead. So i went back to campus, preparing to pack all my stuffs and came back for the second interview.

hardworking when i was in campus itself

My faculty in University Science Malaysia.

Again, i was asked to wait for the person in charge and i waited for almost an hour and plus before i was called into the interviewer room and only be told that the previous person in charge has somehow misplaced my files and thus they cannot proceed with the second interview. Did i stand for a second chance ? Nop. I was told too that they have hold any recruitment for a while as they are reviewing some internal management decision on hiring for that moment. I’m not sure what reviewing it was, but what i knew was I’m going to be jobless for that time being before i get a hired somewhere.

But that did not dampen me to keep finding another job. I got hired by the same financial institution for a office data entry position. Did i take up the offer with a pay not reaching even RM 1, 000.00 and in the heart of the city ? Yes, i took up the offer and went ahead with the job. Although many of my other badge-mates started off their career in better position. Did i care ? No, all i was thinking was to survive without any more support from any other sources be it parents or any parties.

hardworking for betterment

I worked there for a good 9 months before i was offered a better job somewhere else and within a year i finally landed on the job i always wanted and studied for. I worked my ass out day in day out for 8 years and climbed the management rankings step by step. Hardworking from the start was my style and deep down inside i always wanted to start my own business and be my own boss someday. But where do i start and how do i do it got me stucked for years before i finally venture it out on a part time basis in 2009, that was 7 years after i was doing well in corporate world. But why the extra work when i was practically doing good already ? Because i was filling the emptiness of not still fulfilling my entrepreneurship spirit to be my own boss. So i started selling stuff online, my first venture technically trying to be my own boss. I was doing this for 5 years after working hours, weekends, public holidays and whenever there’s a time. For other it is time for pleasure, for outings, for movies but for me it is still comes down to work. There were so many trials and errors along the way, things that you learn only by doing it.

Fast forward,  one thing lead to another from selling stuffs online (while I’m still doing it), i came across my new found passion for Internet Marketing and making money online.  

I would like to contribute to those who worked their asses off to be where they are now. You cannot foolhardy a man who is so hardworking to reach his goal, the world step aside to the man who knows where is he going and you can learn so much from them.

hardworking and dedicated to work

With my mentor, Sir Lester Neil Francis. Group COO of M3Technologies Asia Berhad

hardworking and dedicated peng joon

Internet Marketer and Creator of Work From No Home, Peng Joon.

hardworking sirivat the sandwich salesman previously a multimillionaire

Thai stockbroker-Turned-Vendor “I’d rather be bankrupt than dead” – Sirivat

Wait, Don’t Tell Me You Are Waiting For Godot

Here’s a nice phrase someone told me last week that makes so much sense to think about it. Why that wait ? We all wait for Fridays, for that promotions and bonus, to get the car or house what we dream and the list goes on to be happy and thrilled. Bottom line, we all wait something to happen to be happy or get excited. Here’s why you shouldn’t.

waiting for forever to be happy

If you are reading this with all your physical functioning well, you have a job, you have something to eat, a car or transport to go back home safely to see your family and do what you love, then the time to be happy is now.

Don’t wait for these list of thing in your life  :

  • Promotions 
  • For that new car 
  • Dream house 
  • Friday night 
  • Bonus
  • Holidays
  • Overseas Trip
  • Own a Canon DSLR
  • Find your soul mate
  • Perfect relationship
  • Graduate

And the list goes on. In short don’t wait for an event to determine your happiness but count what you have it right now to be cherished about.

wait don't tell me when to be happy

Of course there are times to be anxious and feel sad about but there are exceptional moments but not necessary to be in general of your everyday moments. Work will take a large chunk part of your life, you make the choice to be happy instead complaining and pointing fingers why you are not successful, yet. Take action, consistent action towards your goal and don’t wait till you reach your goal to be happy instead enjoy the journey that takes you there.

No one needs to give your permission to be happy or determine how you should feel about anything. It is all within your control of what and how you feel about your life. If you have a plan to start some project or venture, the time is now. Waiting for the right time to start is like waiting for Godot. The right day and time will never come, don’t let this pass. Everyday is a new day to look yourself in the mirror and say today I’m going to make this happen.

How To Get Website Traffic By Taking Consistent Action

Every other bloggers wants more and more traffic to their websites. Website traffic is the primary function in Internet Marketing and without it, no matter how good your contents are or even your offerings to the readers maybe it does not mean anything simply no one is actually coming to your site. So how do you gain website traffic when there are millions of websites out there ? The rule of the game is simple but there’s a lot of work to be done. So let’s get started.

There are many social sites that able to drive traffic to your website, but in this context i would like to focus on four main sites that will give your the exposure and also what you should be focusing when working on your website traffic. To begin with, remember that consistent action on a daily basis can hugely make all the differences in the long term.

consistent action to get website traffic to your website

Using the right set of long tail keyword that matches your niche or the subject your are talking about. For example, if you type in the keyword make money online in the Google Keyword Planner, you will find it there are thousands of search is being conducted on an average. If you only use the keyword make money online to gain website traffic, then your website will dilute with thousands of others. The idea is to add phrase for example 5 ways how to make money online using social media’s to differentiate from the others. Of course doing this alone would not help either, you will need to re-use the keyword at least 1.5 % – 2.5 % in your content. This would boost the visibility to the search engine to find your website and get  listed when people are searching for it.

website traffic stats by google keyword planner

Facebook can benefit to your organic website traffic. All you have to do is simply post your website link to your home page and perhaps ask your friends to share with their friends. Don’t be shy in asking them a favor if you believe your contents are great to be read by others. There’s no harm in asking but if your contents are written with great insight providing valuable information to the readers, then why not. Many viral effect takes off like this. Do not write content for the sake of writing but take time to outline the points and value add to your readers. Many website traffic are driven by this method. Like earlier mentioned, you must do this consistently but do not over do it. Overdoing it may look like you are spamming and nobody likes that. Set a daily time and hour to post your articles. You can also at times post your older written articles, there’s nothing wrong with it. Your goal is website traffic, period.

website traffic stats from facebook

Using Twitter is another option how to drive traffic to your website. While you can’t organically buy traffic to your website, another way using free social media is tweeting your website link to your followers in Twitter. This will take time to build your credibility and name for yourself but with consistent and repetitive action you will garner the followers over a period of time. One tips to do tweets is tweeting positive and informative links to your readers. Like any other social media sites, no one like spamming, so here again we are going to stay out of it. Like Facebook, do not over do it at Tweeter as well. You can also slot this in your daily activity plan to ensure it is consistent with your tweets. There are many other persona who has hundreds of thousand followers, observe them what they tweet and learn from their tweets. And in between 2 or 3 tweets of yours, tweet your own website. Don’t be selfish either, do re-tweet other tweets from your list of followers and whom you are following. This way another, others will help to re-tweet yours as well. Again, consistent action on a daily basis is required here.

how to get traffic to your website

The last but not least option is to leave a good and commendable comment to your similar blog niches. When you leave a comment, ensure that it is honest or at least make sense to the article. Simply do not leave a comment for the sake of leaving a comment. This does not work, nowadays the bloggers can monitor your comments and would not approve it if it sounds spam or you just want to leave your link at it. The website culture and community has changed over a period of time. People are getting smarter each day in the Internet. Schedule daily at least 15 to 30 minutes to leave valuable comments to other similar blogs. A small steps daily will gradually accumulate in a year.

how to get free website traffic to your siteYou can read more and other methods how to increase website traffic .  Narrow your focus on doing the traffic driving activities so that you don’t spend too much time on  others that may give you little return.

To recap the important note on driving traffic to your website is before you start getting down the work promoting to drive traffic to your website, ensure you have a valuable content and as well information to your readers so that your effort for website traffic is not wasted.



Two Ways How To Earn Money Online For Beginners

A huge stepping stone to my next ventures and exploration to this endless ways to earn money online. That’s my first cheque received from Clickbank.  But i would like to narrow it to two best ways how to earn money online for beginners and when you have mastered this  then you can start to expand your exploration to the other ways to earn money online.

how to earn money online through clickbank

First before even start to earn money online always to remember this advice. It is not going to be an easy route or method to earn money online but with sheer determination and hard work, one can always find ways to earn money online from various platforms and method.

Using Clickbank platform to earn money online can be lucrative but it is also required lots of hard work and strategy to do so. First you can be an affiliate or a vendor when venturing into Clickbank. Take note that there are other sites also providing the same service as Clickbank but i chose the former because that’s where i earn money online.

ways to earn money online with clickbank

Affiliate Marketing 

You can become an affiliate marketing simply by signing up with Clickbank and create your own first account for free. Actually it is free for any affiliates who wish to earn money online. But the catch is you will need to work to promote those products listed in the Clickbank and make the sales to your targeted customers. Although becoming an affiliate is pretty much an easy thing to do, but you will need to do a lot of online marketing to promote the digital product you are promoting. These are some prominent list of ways to earn money online being an affiliate marketer.

Blogging – If you own a blog of your own, then you can start to promote the product that it is within your niche. For example, let’s say you blog about animals and pets. You can look for digital product in Clickbank that provide knowledge about how to take care pets, especially dogs petting information. If you are a beginner, then set up your own blog. When you start a blog, it is not only creating a web site and posting your articles. Take into consideration also the pictures, value of the information and the content itself you are writing.  Your blog must provide information and add value to the readers and have trust over what you are saying to them. The close example blogging is where you are reading right now. If you see the banner on the left hand side of yours “Work From No Home” is one fine example of me promoting the product that i personally follow and stick to it learning how to break the code how to make money online in a bigger scale.

Writing A Review Site – Many affiliate marketing will do is creating a stand alone site review that talk about the product they are promoting. This review will consist of what the product is all about, the good the bad and why you should get that product. Many uses this type of method to gain attraction. They use the specific keyword that involves around the product they are promoting to get their site page ranked higher in Google search. Here’s an example what happens when i type in the hottest product in Clickbank. There are many reviews done over this product and the best structured review site with the proper SEO get the pole position.

ways to earn money online via clickbank


Creating Your Own Product and Becoming a Vendor 

You can also become the vendor at the same time promoting other people’s product. And to become a vendor you will need to create your own product and get it list at Clickbank marketplace. If you have master knowledge in some field or area that you are specialize in, then you can create your own products be it eBook, videos, webinar etc and offer to the people in your field that need that sort of information they might don’t know to learn from the expert.

Clickbank provides a lot of tools and guide for those who wants to be an infopreneur at their platform. But becoming a vendor is not the end of the story. Once you have decided to create your own product you will need to find reliable and credential partners who can assist with marketing your product. You need to laser focus and find those in the same niche to help you promote your product their their own readers.

It is not an over-night process but it’s a long short. Those who are in the IM for years now, ask them about it. They will tell the stories of trial and errors they have been through before making their first breakthrough earning money online.

What I Sell Stuff Online. Then and Now

When i started selling online 5 years ago, i started off with small steps. I remember those days i woke up at 3 a.m. , which is 3 hours before the usual time i wake up to get ready for my work and start listing my items. If i recall back those days, no small items is too small for me to sell. For me to list one item would take an average of 5 – 10 minutes depending on the speed of the Internet. But i ensure that all the listings are done accordingly and complete. One of the small steps that i took when i started selling stuff online was stamp. Yes, that’s right antique stamps that meant for a very niche market itself. This type of stamps are for collectors and some are willing to spend hundreds of thousand so a rare type of stamps. But what i sell stamp online was pretty much not close to it. :) It was rather more to affordable type and the cost if not that much. You see, everyone gotta start somewhere and here where i started how to sell stuff online.

sell stuff online stampAnd one day i realize what i was doing could be improvised and get better with it. I started to list things that can provide me more margin when a sales come through. Here’s the one most important thing i learned how to sell stuff online to make bigger margin in terms of profit.

Remember – With the same time  and effort that i put on the work editing, uploading and listing the items i can list items that are worth thousand of dollars it not. The return is bigger.

So, i moved on to the next level. I established my connection with some local retailers and partners and made a deal with them to sell their stuff online. Of course, the owner of the shop still make money and i will mark up the price to protect my margin as well. Many things i posted online, went sold. Bingo, i created my own database of this buyers and have re-occurrence sales whenever i have similar items to be posted. I will meet the potential buyers over the weekends and make the delivery. Usually all the callers will be genuine one as they have already made their decisions even before calling me.

sell stuff online guitar

That was one part of it. Fast forward, last year i intend to push things a little more forward. I took a leap to sell items that is worth hundreds of dollars, the one thing that close to it is properties. But if i do this, there’s no difference from any other real estate agents or negotiators out there. They are also posting the same properties that i may have posted. But here’s the thing, what i have learned selling stuff online would be my advantage. Not only how to post a property but also how to tag them, write the sales pitch, the correct search keyword etc etc would be now put in use.

And in order to sell property, one will need to do it legally. There fore i joined an agency and make my approach valid accordance to my local real estate board. And my passion and obsession for IM is still on – going. I’m still learning to sell digital products online. This will take time, but I’m determined to make that work too. But for now, I’m pretty much Ok, sell stuff online mainly properties and high end products that give me handsome returns.

sell stuff online property

For those who are still struggling, don’t give up. It takes time to build this but you will eventually get there. Just stay persistent and take consistent action everyday. Make plans how many hours you will need to spend time online and field work to ensure your daily 24 hours are maximized. Fun can come later, build the empire first.

My Braveheart Freedom And Enterprise

When mention Braveheart, everyone would be reminded to the 1995 movie acted and directed by Mel Gibson. It’s a movie about a 13th-century Scottish warrior who led the Scots in the First War of Scottish Independence against King Edward I of England. Mel Gibson portrays William Wallace. (source from Wikipedia)

The movie was well directed and famous during that time. I remember vividly one part of the movie when the braveheart freedom speech that was given by so call William Wallace sound like this.

“I am William Wallace. And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny! You have come to fight as free men. And free man you are! What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?” ”Two thousand against ten?” – the veteran shouted. “No! We will run – and live!”

“Yes!” Wallace shouted back. “Fight and you may die. Run and you will live at least awhile. And dying in your bed many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance  to come back here as young men and tell our enemies that they may take our lives but they will never take our freedom!”

You see, what i’m trying to say is that we can choose to stay in debt and struggle for the rest of our life or we can choose to breakaway and fight. To fight with all your might to break lose and achieve the financial freedom and be your own boss along the way.

But no freedom comes without a price. When i say breakaway it does not mean taking blind risk to fight without a cause or direction towards that dreams and goal that you have. Take calculated risk with a proper plan. Weigh down both the good and bad if you take that direction and what is the back up plan. What worst will happen and how will you handle it. You must have all this documented well before taking that leap of faith. 

braveheart freedom and entreprise

I dedicate this write up to my braveheart, for freedom and enterprise.

Why I Refuse To Let Go This Fight

It is very easy to let go something that you are working on when things get hard. Letting go something that is not working out for you for example an addictive bad habit or a hurtful relationship is a good but how to let go when you know something that you are working on is worthwhile doing it but it is simply too hard to bear or cope. When this work becomes my obsession and started running in every fibre thing, then i have no reason to let go the fight but stick it to it.

I too doubt many times, just like any other battles I’ve been in when tough times comes but looking back the results that i have achieved when i put my heart and soul into it, it’s worth it. I recall the feeling when i first passed my major exam that got me a place in a local university, the moment was priceless but the journey and process to it was heart-breaking.

When you have chose your battle right, the mountain that you want to climb irregardless how the steep or challenging it is then let nothing gets in your way. Because you know that it’s possible and the fight is worth it.

What to do when you start to doubt if you are going to make it ? Here’s what you must do to recharge your thoughts and keep going.

1. Remind yourself why you start this in the first place.

2. Remember that every master was once a disaster.

3. Read this rejection letter that U2 received when they started. Look where they are now.

4. Look back at those hard times you went through and what was the end results.

5. It is easy how to let go but is it easy to manage your regret 3 or 5 years down the road ? Think about the time you have now. It’s not      too late yet.

6. It is better to have positive pressure than only makes you than negative ones that take toll to your health.

7. Accept that this is not going to be an easy ride but a tough one.

8. Pause for while (not stop), refresh your mind look back how far you have come and continue the journey.

9. Hard times does not come to stay but this too shall come to pass.

10. You only have one chance to succeed. You miss this time and moment, there’s no turning back or a second chance. Don’t let go this whatever fight you are in. Make it worthwhile like the ones you overcome before.

And why i refuse to let go this fight, because I’m not doing this for anyone else but me.

Better Late Than Never And It’s Never Late For Anything

I just got my facebook page up again after for almost 5 years it was dormant or collecting dust on the site. Well i got a reason why i never anticipated actively in that largest social media platform and that’s another story behind it but now i need it. I need it for a reason and i practically will have to use that now for my online business which facebook considered one of the important tool for viral effect on what i do.

That’s one part of the chapter, but what i learn from this that better late than never but never late is better is always keeping up the momentum in what you intend to do. As the past 2 months or so has been really busy and i had little time to manage my online venture as well my real estate posting, i pushed the limit to keep up with the time. But managing 3 jobs at once was a tough call, i had to pull the brake on one of the project i was working on and give way to another as to fasten up the closing process.

After 2 months struggling to keep up the momentum, like the saying better late than never i managed to play catch up again the work that needs to be done and starting to gain the momentum back gradually.

If i had think that this is it, letting the motivation fuel to pass me by then chances are i would have stopped all together and throw in the towel. It is better late than never to start back where i left  the ball and it’s never late for anything as long you keep moving.

As the Chinese Proverb “Do Not Be Afraid Of Going Slow But Be Afraid Only Of Standing Still.”

There’s No On Second Thought When You Have Decided This Path

Finally the day and time i waited for months or maybe years has finally arrived and today is the first day i am starting my journey on my own. Although i have planned this for a very long time but when you experience the real situation, it is somewhat quite a challenging moment, i have to say that there’s no second thoughts for this. This is what i have learned to overcome today as the day begun.

1. There’s no on second thought of falling back.

The feeling of lonely and wanting to go back to the comfortable 9 – 5 job will start to haunt your mind. Be still and know that this is the path and mountain that you have chosen to climb. And you know that well too that this will happen anyway. The lonely narrow road, a lone wolf’s journey is not accompanied nor the path chosen by many. You will however miss the time being surrounded with friends and colleagues, it is absolutely normal and it happens to everyone. But stop yourself from having that second thoughts.

2. It is normal and those who went on their own experienced the same when they started.

Read Scott Delong’s journey here.  The man behind  , it wasn’t easy ride for him too. But he did it and the results is worth it. All you need is the obsession over your venture and stick hard to it no matter what. This is going to be one long shot. You may need to keep leading even when there is no one following you, you will need to keep on writing even when there is no one is reading what your writing. They are busy with their job but you have a mission and ultimate goal. It will be lonely at times but you have to keep reminding you the reason you chose this path in the first place.

3. This is going to tougher than you expected or even prepared for. But keep going, just don’t stop.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. The loneliness and silence in your new working set can really haunt you. But whenever you feel so, go out from your home office or anywhere that you are working and take a short walk. Go talk to someone you see that morning. Get the loneliness out from your mind. Getting use to your new life with so much of time – freedom can be tough, you will need to be disciplined enough to carry on. There can be many distractions come to you, with lots of over flow information on the Internet and things like that but don’t divert. Stay hard to the rules of your game.

4. And the last is there’s no turning back. You make it or break it.

It is so easy to fall back to the same routine that you use to enjoy last time. Yes it is, but after coming this far in your quest do you really think falling back is the only option you have ? Think about it. If you are already scared to death with the start itself, then you are not fit to be an entrepreneur. Shut this whole damn thing off and go sleep. Period. There’s no turning back, you make it or break it.